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These are the experiences of our volunteers in Cambodia.

Volunteering, work that becomes play

Posted in Cambodia on December 29, 2008

December 15:
Back to work. We scraped. Joining forces, we painted and laboured as one large work group. Alas, we couldn't finish both buildings, but we made a large dent. By the end of the day, tired and weary, our work became play. We joked and laughed and entertained the locals, as usual.

By now I can tell that part of the romance of being in a developing country has worn off a bit. Developing World Connections makes it easier, but all the little things that are easy and we take for granted aren't easy here. Drinkable tap water: What a great idea! Garbage collection: What a fantastic idea! Fast internet: What a novelty! Traffic laws: Excellent concept! Shower curtains: Good thinking. Quality tools: How efficient. The list goes on. We aren't complaining, but by this time, even if we aren't nearly ready to go home, we know that there are aspects to the way we live we will welcome back into our routine.

Tonight's activities were especially fun and involved swimming. A digital camera - $200. A two week Developing World Connections experience - $1,800 CDN. A couple of drinks by the Kep Lodge pool - $5. A digital camera by the Kep Lodge pool after a couple of drinks with this Developing World Connections group – Priceless!

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