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These are the experiences of our volunteers in Peru.

PERU: The first several days

Posted in Peru on April 7, 2009

We spent one day traveling by air: First flight, Vancouver to LA and second flight, LA to Lima, Peru. The airlines weren’t exactly perfect as both The McKennas and the Anders lost one bag each. As of this writing, still no sign of them yet. We were all pretty tired so we slept well.
Day two:
We headed from Lima to Huancayo by bus. We climbed from 125 ft. above sea level to 15,000 ft in less than five hours. Doesn’t feel too good, we can all vouch for that! Luckily, we descended to Huancayo at 10,600 ft. which feels much better! The highways weaving through the mountains were really spectacular (switchbacks which made Duffy Lake Road look like childs play). Highlights of our bus ride include seeing two full moons: the first was a brilliant bright one in the Peruvian night sky; the second was from one of our team members who will remain nameless, right Debra, entered the bathroom pulled down her pants and then, when the bus made a particularly hard corner, came flying out of the door! Like I say, we saw two Full Moons on the trip.

Day three:
Today started with Jaimie claiming he got pick pocketed. After having a “Royal Meltdown” all morning, cancelling all his credit cards, he finally found his wallet which he hid just a little too well. In the afternoon, we met with some local Rotarians and we will go their meeting on Wednesday night!

That’s all for now folks. Talk to you again soon.
(Jaimie for…) Tom

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