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PERU: On the Project Site

Posted in Peru on April 9, 2009

We have spent two days at the worksite and we have accomplished the following: sanded the cement walls and ceilings, then applied cement filler to patch any cracks or blemishes. Then we applied two coats of primer and it is starting to take shape! We need to fill in any new cracks that appeared after the primer. It will probably need a couple more coats to finish it off. On to anecdotal stuff: Grant almost sanded a scorpion, which was a little freaky but very interesting. Sean McKenna has taken strong liking to the three dogs of the camp. The one he favours the most, the rest of us question if it really is a dog or some alien creature (ugly pictures to follow-of the dog as well). We have had visits at the worksite from the young children who were here last year. Tom remembers them and they certainly remembered Tom (very cute-the kids; not Tom)! The local NGO and our local contractor have been just excellent thus far and we really look forward to working with them for the remainder of this project. As we now have two days under our belt, our initial fears for the weaker sex have proven to be unfounded. The men are working just fine!

One thing that certainly is clear to us, is we are working in the real Peru, not some glitzy, touristy area whatsoever. It’s very different from where we live; we may have much more material goods but they live with great passion, friendliness and sense of family. We really feel privileged to offer our help down here.

On Wednesday night we joined the Rotary Club of Huancayo for their dinner meeting. We were treated to a performance by their Junior Symphony Orchestra as well as performances by some of their members with very great talent. We introduced one another with the aid of our young Exchange Student Ailsa Miller who did a great job translating for both sides. We were really proud of her the way she handled the pressure. It was a delightful evening which opened the door to future partnerships with this friendly club.

That’s all for now folks. Talk to you again soon.
(Jaimie for…) Tom

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