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These are the experiences of our volunteers in Kenya.

May 17: A camping trip like no other!

Posted in Kenya on May 26, 2009

Even though we’re still sore from yesterday’s grueling outing, our guides talk us into hiking up a mountain to see all of Lake Naivasha. We’re told that it’s an easy hour-long trek. But by now, we all know better. We make sure that we have enough water and snacks to get us through. Anisha and Kayla are too sore, so they stay back at the campsite.

As I expected, the hike up the mountain is challenging. The route is rocky and cactus trees are literally everywhere. As much as we try to dodge the spiky trees, we’re all scratched and bloody by the end of it. But the view from the lookout point is extraordinary. As promised, we can see all of Lake Naivasha and the rolling hills and mountains seem to continue endlessly into the horizon. Kenya is so beautiful.

Later in the day, we take a boat ride to see hippos in the water. Simon and Marcus also show us a fish eagle demonstration. The fish eagle is so perceptive that even from the tops of trees, they are able to spot a fish in water. We throw a fish into the lake, whistle, and lo and behold, the fish eagle swoops down to pick up its dinner. What a spectacle.

At 3pm, we leave the campsite and head back to Maai-Mahiu.

This was a camping trip like no other. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to go camping in Ontario again, without feeling disappointed.

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