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These are the experiences of our volunteers in Kenya.

May 20: Quick work, bar-b-qued goat and advocados!

Posted in Kenya on May 26, 2009

I wake up sore all over. I’m relieved to hear that 3 out of the four who stayed behind yesterday are feeling better.

Today, we mix cement with rocks and sand and pour it onto the larger rocks that are on the classroom floor. We develop a system. Kerwin and the local workers shovel the cement mix into buckets. Jenn brings the bucket to the door of the classroom and Melissa, Anisha, Heidi and I carry the buckets in pairs and pour the cement onto the floor. We work quickly and rotate jobs. By 11:30, we finish cementing the entire floor.
We take an early lunch. Afterwards, we dig a trench to allow rainwater to travel to the school’s community garden. Rocky of CTC decides that we’ve finished the day’s tasks, so we end our workday at 1pm.
Afterwards, Rocky takes us to a Nyama Choma to eat barbecued goat. The restaurant is a makeshift tent that is constructed with wooden beams and cloth. A perfectly roasted goat leg is delivered to our table and the six of us (minus Melissa, who is a vegetarian) devour the entire thing. It is perhaps the most tender and delicious piece of meat I’ve eaten in my entire life. Rocky also takes us to buy avocados (because I’ve been craving them the whole trip). One avocado costs only 5 shillings, which is about 8 cents Canadian. I can’ believe how inexpensive it is, and I decide avocados will be a staple in my diet for the next few weeks.

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