Inspired Words

These are the experiences of our volunteers in Kenya.

May 22: Seeing the end product after just a week of work.

Posted in Kenya on May 26, 2009

Today, we mixed sand and cement with shovels to add another layer to the classroom floor. We all worked hard to shovel the mixture into buckets and wheel-barrels. By lunchtime, the entire floor is complete and leveled. After lunch, we mix cement and water and add the final layer to the floor. The local workers skillfully even out the floor.
It’s remarkable to see the end product of just one week of work. From a derelict room of rock and gravel, we have built a classroom with concrete floors and walls for the children.
“You have all made my job easier,” one of the local workers tells me. I don’t even have the words to respond to him. All I’m left with is an overwhelming sense of accomplishment.

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