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These are the experiences of our volunteers in Kenya.

June : Back to work – Community garden.

Posted in Kenya on June 2, 2009

Today, we work on the community garden at Ngaya school. We’re told by Rocky that this will be a relaxing week because we won’t have to toil over hard physical labour (i.e. building classrooms).
When we arrive to the garden, there are about nine beds that are filled with green shrubs. But it turns out that the “green shrubs” are all weeds. Our job is to hoe all of the beds and then plant the soil with new seedlings.
The job seems easy. But after a couple of hours, we haven’t even finished hoeing four garden beds. We break for lunch and then get back at it. After a few minutes, we hear the sound of thunder in the distance. Our hearts sink as we realize that most of us have hung our laundry to dry in the morning. And the last thing we want is to get soaked in the rain again; it takes days for our running shoes to dry.
We decide to play it safe and call it a half day. We’ll work extra hard tomorrow. By the time we arrive to Transit, it’s pouring rain. I’m so relieved we decided to leave.

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