Inspired Words

These are the experiences of our volunteers in Kenya.

May 25: Begin work on a new classroom.

Posted in Kenya on June 2, 2009

Today, we begin working on a new classroom for the primary 1 kids. The job will be similar to what we did in the other classroom, but we have to dig out the pre-existing floor. When we arrive, we’re told that we need to remove the first layer of mud. Nothing sticks to mud, so we can’t simply add cement on top.
As we chip away at the floor, a blanket of dust fills the air .We all cough as we’re covered in red soot. I tell everyone to take regular breaks outside. I think to myself that this worksite would never pass Canada’s health and safety laws.
By lunch, we’re exhausted. We take an early break and decide to let the sand settle. Afterwards, we pour water all over the floor. I’m not sure if it makes the job any easier, but at least the dust isn’t everywhere. By 4pm, we’re practically begging to go home. There’s still some mud on the floor, but getting rid of all of it seems impossible.
We all go home – dusty and exhausted – and decide we’ll tackle the floor tomorrow with more energy.

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