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These are the experiences of our volunteers in Kenya.

June 9: Start on Classroom #4

Posted in Kenya on June 9, 2009

We began renovating the fourth classroom today, completing the entire block of classrooms for Ngaya's primary school children. We dig out the top layer of dirt, and quickly become enveloped in sand and dust. Some of us cover our noses and mouths with bandanas, but it's not much use. Inhaling the smoky dirt is inevitable and after a couple of hours, we're all coughing up dust. Our lungs actually hurt.

Luckily, we've become so familiar with the process that we're able to finish digging out the dirt layer by lunch, as opposed to in the late afternoon. After we're done eating, we sweep the remaining dust and scrub the floor with water. By 2:30pm, we're done and were all relieved to go home early. Heidi, Jenn, Anisha and Kerwin all have a cold (how that's possible in Kenya, I'm not exactly sure), and the rest of us are still sore from climbing Longonot. I really just want to sleep early tonight and recuperate as much as possible before I have to mix cement tomorrow.

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