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Peru 2010: Kamloops High School Students – March 2010

Posted in Peru on March 8, 2010

Kamloops High School Students will be working with new host partner, IFEJANT, in Lima.

Friday, March 5th, 5:03 pm, Lima, Peru

It’s Jess here checking in just before the rest of the team arrives tonight. Everything is ready to go and I can’t wait for the team to arrive as I know it’s going to be an incredible experience for them. We will be volunteering at two schools in the “cones of Lima” which are on the fringes of the city. Here people live in densely populated areas in very precarious and marginal conditions. In both schools, we hope to get a head start on the construction of bathrooms which at present are non-existent. At first, the bathrooms will be like outhouses, but we are building them in the right place so that eventually they can be connected to a sewer system.

It’s going to be a busy schedule as we are packing a lot into 10 days. We will be meeting and working with the members of IFEJANT (host-partner in Lima), working children, students, teachers, and many other Peruvians. Tomorrow, the group will hit the ground running – after the orientation and a welcome lunch, we are going to tour the centre of Lima and view this massive city from atop a hill. After dinner, we will experience tradition folklore dancing and music and hopefully test our Peru legs by doing some dancing of our own! On Sunday, it’s straight to work throughout the days and it’s going to be hot, humid and dirty. At nights, we will continue exploring other parts of Lima that contrast extremely with the marginal areas we will be working in. After a community celebration on Wednesday, we are off to Cuzco first thing Thursday morning to explore the wonders of the Ancient Incan Empire and the beauty of the Andes. On the last day we will return to Lima and go 40 km’s south to rest and relax on the beach before flying home to real life.

Lima, “City of Kings”, is a diverse place with extreme contrasts. The grip of extreme poverty, sprawling population and pollution does not surpass Lima’s incredible history, lively spirit, incredible vistas, savoury tastes and, above all, it’s inspiring people.

I am very excited because I know the students are going to have an unforgettable experience – this will truly be a life changing experience offering them a new and valuable perspective. It is my hope and sincere belief that their experiences and, above all, the people they meet, will inspire them; I hope this inspiration will serve them well in their personal development and create in them a lasting personal commitment to global citizenship, solidarity, sustainable living and service to others.


DWC Team Leader, Development Coordinator

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