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These are the experiences of our volunteers in Peru.

A couple of posts from the High School Students Perspective on Volunteering in Peru.

Posted in Peru on March 15, 2010

We woke up nice and early today, ate our regular breakfast of buns and jam, and headed to one of the forty-nine districts in Peru, where we will be working again tomorrow. This trip has been absolutely amazing so far. We have learned that Peru is in serious need of a number of things, besides toilets in which you can flush toilet paper. First, there is a shortage of clean water in Peru. Second, there is a shortage of cement mixers. Indeed, the term “back-breaking” is not to be taken lightly in the Latin-American construction business. The drivers are crazy, the traffic is unbelievable, and the work is long and sweaty, but despite the honking and the polluted air, I think we can all agree this one trip that won’t be easily forgotten.

Among some of the other things we’ve learned is the fact that you haven’t really eaten fries until you eat them in Peru. And it also goes without saying that’s it’s never a good idea to cross the street without looking, ESPECIALLY in Lima. We're not even half way through our trip, and we’ve already seen and experienced more than some people will in a lifetime. The people are friendly, the food is delicious, and in a city of eight million, we’ve met the handful of people who had the potential to change our lives.

Lastly, one the things I’m sure we’ve all taken to heart is that in Latin-America, you don’t mix cement; cement mixes you.


Let me just start off by saying, that this trip has been amazing. I have learned so much and we aren’t even half way through. Working at the first school was so much fun, we worked with some extremely nice people, who were always patient even when it took us awhile to figure out what each other were saying. It was so amazing to see what we have done for them and help them in as many ways as we could. After we had finished everything, we went and played with kids in a soccer game. All of them were so good and pretty much blew me away with their soccer skills. They were all so happy and the laugher was contagious until it hit everyone.

Today and tomorrow we are working at a pubic school that isn’t sponsored by the government. The school hold s200 students and I have no idea how they fit them as the building was so small. With our contributions and donations we were able to start building a bathroom for them so that it is more comfortable for them to be in school. These last few days we have all put a lot of effort into working but I have never felt so satisfied with what I have done. Working with these amazing kids just opens my eyes to all the possibilities of doing more volunteering. They are so gracious of the work we have done and it just makes me feel so happy and proud. I have truly grown as a person and I am so thankful for this experience.

I can see myself volunteering in the near future. The few people that we have met have made this experience one to remember. I will always have the memories and the experiences that I have taken on this trip with me forever. Buenas Tardes!!


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