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April 16, 2010: Four Wall and Dancing Feet!

Posted in Peru on April 20, 2010

Day 6 was continuing to build brick walls - four walls are officially up! We have a lot of work left to do, but definite progress has been made. We also began another project - digging a sewer line trench. This is going to be quite a project - the soils is dry, we’re using pick axes, shovels, and buckets, and there are many stones that need to be discovered and moved. Kudos to Abel (who took over for Alejandro today) as our construction supervisor. He ably assisted us with a waterline break in addition to keeping us on track laying brick.

We also had a great visit with our neighbours next door and gave them some of the clothes and toys that members of our group brought. The rest of the clothes have been given to our host partner for distribution to the schools and families they are working with.

Finally, we wrapped up the day and work week with a great evening out. The ladies went shoe shopping after work and with the assistance of Violeta, many found some great buys. The shoes were well tested at a local restaurant with live Peruvian music. The pan flutes and mandolin were particularly impressive. Despite multiple sore backs from trenching and bricklaying, we took to the dance floor and picked up some dance steps from traditional dancers who made an appearance. We also sampled a traditional Peruvian dish - guinea pig! We’re all looking forward to the weekend to let our bodies recuperate and before work next week.

Hablamos luego …


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