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Lima, Peru: The most beautiful part of Peru.

Posted in Peru on May 6, 2010

When I told people I was going on a trip to Peru, some gasped and said, “Wow Peru! How beautiful! Full of palm trees and beautiful ocean.” As Peru does boast beautiful beaches and hot weather, what I saw today is definitely not tourist material.

We drove about an hour out of Miraflores, where we are staying, to an area without streets or grass or ocean or trees. It was breathtaking. Mountains of dirt and dust upon which thousands of people construct their houses, their livelihood, and live with their families. We drove up to a one storey brick building under construction. The blackboard hanging on the wall suggested it was a place of learning, and it was. We had arrived at our worksite.

The principal and mothers of the area showed us around and the impact that these people had on the lives of their students was immediately evident. We went into a classroom to see what it looked like while the school day was in session and 30 little ninos chimed “Buenos dias!” altogether with smiles across their faces. It was a beautiful sound!

What a wonderful place to be. During the day we worked around the school painting an office for the principal, cleaning and organizing a workshop room, chipping away concrete on the bathroom floors (the beginning of the waste disposal system), and any other odd jobs they presented. What a difference a day makes! The school is looking great after only 8 hours of labour and I am excited to see what it looks like after a month. I think this will be the most beautiful part of Peru I see.


DWC Student Participant

Lima, Peru 2010

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