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May 6th: Into the trenches!

Posted in Phillipines on May 6, 2010

Into the trenches! Woke up for a 6:10am breakfast to be at the worksite by 7:00am to take advantage of the "cooler" morning temperature (still above 30 degrees Celsius, but the site was slightly in the shade). Thank goodness for the huge tent we put up yesterday- it covers the majority of the site that we're working on right now, and saves us from the blazing sun.
Our morning was spent making significant dents in 4 of the 8 foundation trenches we're working on (each trench entails 4 cubed feet of pick-axing in clay--> definitely a good work out!). Jenny came by with a well-deserved lunch of fresh fish and rice, and then back into the trenches we went for the afternoon. Came home to clean up our very sweaty dirty selves before dinner, and went to pick up Tory's lost luggage that had finally arrived at the Cebu airport- she was a happy girl! Discovered a terrific place to eat dinner (Jo's Chicken) and picked up some fresh mangoes for breakfast in the morning. It was a great first day of work, but I think we'll all be feeling it tomorrow morning!

Sonia and Devon

DWC Team Leaders
Philippines 2010

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