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May 10th: First day off in a week!

Posted in Phillipines on May 10, 2010

Our first day off- such a nice day! After a little sleep-in, we had our usual breakfast before Abi (our lovely fFench driver from Rise Above) came to pick us up to take us to the coast. After another heated couple rounds of mafia in the back of the van on the drive there, we arrived at Tambuli- a fancy resort on the coast of Mactan (the neighbouring island to Cebu). After exploring the two pools and the rest of the huge grounds, we decided that the sea was definitely the best option and promptly set ourselves up on the sand.

The water temperature was amazing, the snorkeling was very cool (Tasha and Greg found Nemo and saw sea horses!), and a lot of us even had a go at windsurfing. We found out pretty quickly that it was probably one of the most frustrating sports to be a beginner at, but could really see how it might become addictive. Andrew was for sure the most determined to master it, Megan wowed us all with her incredible balance and the most graceful falls, and Jeff seemed to pick up on it right away! Overall, a little frustrating for most of us but super fun.

We enjoyed a great lunch at the resort (included in our entrance fee) and then really really enjoyed some fancy cigars on the beach side courtesy of the very generous Angus- it definitely felt like a day off!

We headed over to the Rise Above complex in the evening for a tasty BBQ and some beers. They decorated their back garden and cooked a scrumptious dinner- they really made us all feel welcome. Elizabet (one of the founders of Rise Above) gave a little presentation on all the work they do in Cebu, and we watched a little slide show of our trip so far.

A few more beers, cigars, and games of pool later, we headed home to bed to get ready to get back to the worksite tomorrow. We'll be back there every day until Friday, and then are heading to another island ( Bohol) on Saturday morning. Not many complaints over here :)

Sonia and Devon
DWC Student Team Leaders
Philippines 2010

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