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These are the experiences of our volunteers in Phillipines.

May 8th:

Posted in Phillipines on May 10, 2010

Our third day on the worksite! We got up at the usual time (5:30 am), had our lovely eggs, pancakes, rice, fancy Phillipino meats, and oatmeal for breakfast, and then got right back to digging away at our foundation holes. We have already finished 4 out if 8 holes and are on our way on the last four! The group- boys and girls alike- have been working like crazy- everyone has great stamina and the blisters are even already subsiding.

At our big ground breaking ceremony, someone made a comment about their skepticism around how much work we would be getting done since we "have so many girls on the trip" SO SO SO far from the truth! Hilda, Tory and Tasha have been pick axing like crazy, and Megan, Alex, Amanda and Sonia are the shovel queens! They are often seen
working like mad as the boys slack by the fan (but the guys work hard too :)

After work, we did out first load of laundry just down the street (yuck! We have some dirty clothes after just three days of work) and then went for a little hike up a hill-ish mountain with fun gardens and sitting areas, canteens and a beautiful view all across the city and coastline. We looked across to an island we will be going to next weekend for a great little vacation on the beach and for Amanda's birthday party (21!!!!). We will be going on an awesome 30 person
sailboat and are very very excited. At the end of the trip, we will be sailing on the same boat to travel from island to island in our four day island hopping trip!

Dinner tonight at Joe's chicken again- everyone loves this place and it has some great chicken (as you may have guessed) as well as veggie dishes for Megan and Tory.

Tonight, we were told that there would be a big surprise for us, and wow. A very generous business connection through Rise Above Foundation (our host partner organization) took us to the top floor exclusive golf club house bar to look out over the city over a beer, and then we went to an incredible mountain top viewing site to watch some fire works for the upcoming elections and also to get an even better birds eye of the city! An incredible night!

Late night - but most of the team gets to sleep in until 10 am tomorrow morning. Sonia and I have to get up early but are excited to pick up the last member of our team (Chris) tomorrow morning at the airport too!

Sonia and Devon
DWC Student Team Leaders

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