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May 9th: Happy Mother’s Day!

Posted in Phillipines on May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day! Although we all decided to be out of the country, we did all think about our mamas today and maybe even missed you a little bit!

Our newest and last member arrived today! Chris flew into Cebu early this morning (while the rest of the team was enjoying a little sleep-in after our fancy night out last night). He was such a trooper- we came back to the hotel to have breakfast with the rest of the team and then he hopped straight into the van with the rest of us to head to the worksite. Clearly he'll be a super great addition to our team.

Our trenches are really coming along fast- we had a very efficient work day (after such a good rest!) and only have about two and a half to go! We've all definitely bonded with the worksite, so much so that each trench has a name (Hole 1, Hole 2, Hole 3, Hole 4, Judy, Alice, Ingrid and Mercedes) and we're all very sure to pass on any worms we find to Tory, who diligently feeds the site's skinny chicken (yet to be named). Jenny has been bringing her iPod speakers to the site everyday, and everyone has been providing us with some pretty great working tunes. The worksite has definitely not been something we dread each day, especially now that we've discovered the wonders of group stretching (the local kids find this part of each day pretty entertaining).

We worked a little later than normal this afternoon, and then headed to a fancy outdoor mall for a really yummy Thai
Dinner and a little window shopping. Back home for some cards and a very tricky but fun game that Hilda taught us called Mafia.

Just as a quick but important side note - we are proud to report that none of us have had any serious belly troubles since we've been here (touch wood!) even though both Alex and Andrew accidentally drank a couple bottles full of tap water, and Jeff will eat just about anything on a buffet table.

Day off tomorrow! The plan is to head to the beach in the morning, and have a BBQ with everyone from Rise Above Foundation later in the afternoon. It will definitely be nice to give our muscles a short break, but back to the site we'll go on Tuesday.

Happy mother's to all the mama's again! We promise to spoil you when we get back!

Sonia and Devon
DWC Student Team Leaders

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