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These are the experiences of our volunteers in Peru.

Huancayo, Peru: The first days of the project.

Posted in Peru on May 11, 2010

We arrived very early Saturday morning in Lima. We then got picked up and were off to our home for the night - the Flying Dog. Since most of us had been up for nearly 24 hours we spent the day napping and relaxing. We met up with out three participants that had spent the previous week in Cuzco. We all enjoyed a nice dinner together and got to know one another.

So far everyone is doing well and is very excited to be here. The following day we got up and packed up to head to the bus station. Where we then got on a very long bus ride to Huancayo. We only travelled a short 200km but it took a little over 8 hours. It was a very twisty turn-y ride, some people felt motion/altitude sickness. But it didn´t last once we arrived. We got to our house, set up beds, and got ourselves organized.

Today we spent the day getting to know our way around Huancayo. We went for a big grocery shop to stock our house. Tomorrow is our first day of work and we could not be more thrilled to start our project.

Lauren Hoffman
DWC Student Team Leader
Huancayo, Peru 2010

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