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May 11th: 3 of the 4 holes finished.

Posted in Phillipines on May 11, 2010

Back to the worksite today after our super nice day off! We were all a little groggy this morning after the late night at the BBQ and all the sun yesterday (Eric, Andrew, Tasha and I got ourselves some pretty decent base burns) but we managed to pull off a very efficient work day. We completely finished 3 of the last 4 holes (Judy, Alice and Mercedes) and the last hole (Ingrid) just needs a few more minutes with Jeff and Devon --> the most driven combination on the worksite over the last couple of days.

Meanwhile, Hilda and Angus were really determined to up-root a huge tree stump in the driveway (definitely not the easiest job, but it's coming along). Tomorrow, we'll start working on digging the hole for the septic tank (which is much much bigger than our other 8 holes) and wait on word from the builder on what to do next!

We left work slightly early this afternoon to meet up with a group of Danish volunteers that we met through Rise Above. Eric, Angus, Megan and Andrew opted to stay at home to keep out of the sun (probably a wise choice) and the rest of us headed to a swimming pool called the Sand Trap to meet up with them. They are a super nice group of girls and invited all of us to their place on Thursday night for dinner and a little party with the rest of the Danes (15 altogether- all of them are behavioural science students spending 6 months in Cebu working with street children as part of their university program).

We split up for dinners (Devon and most of the ladies went one way, while the boys, Tasha and Sonia found somewhere else) and then headed home for some cards before bed. Amanda taught us all a super fun card game called "Oh Heck!" and we squeezed in a couple rounds of Mafia before we started losing some of the group to sleepiness.

Back to work tomorrow bright and early, and then an afternoon with no plans as of yet (pretty much a first this trip- we've been so busy!)

Sonia and Devon
DWC Student Team Leaders
Philippines 2010

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