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These are the experiences of our volunteers in Peru.

Huancayo, Peru:

Posted in Peru on May 25, 2010

Tuesday we awoke eager to begin our first day of work. We found out that we would be doing a garden for the school. This involves clearing a field of weeds, long grass, and rocks. This task alone took us all of Tuesday and Wednesday.

While we were busy clearing the land we quickly became acquainted with a few critters. Marlie seems to be a magnet for the big, beefy spiders. We soon found this work to be very exhausting; especially, since contrary to what many of us thought the weather has been very sunny and hot. We have been struggling to adapt to the heat and the physical work. After work on Wednesday our translator and life saver Yessi took us on a tour of the city. We stopped to see all of the parks. This was not only interesting but also gave us a feel for the city and helps us to navigate our way around the city.

Finally we went to see the Torre Torre sandstone formations-a highlight for all of us. The driver could only take us so far and then it was up to us to hike the rest. With a few breaks and perseverance we finally made it to the top. It was a breath-taking experience literally. We all agree that it is an activity we hope to repeat before it is time for us to leave Huancayo.

On Thursday we began leveling the ground, more very labour intensive work. I think all of us girls are fortunate to have our three hardworking guys Mike, Will, and Jake here to help lighten our load a bit. Thursday a few of us started to feel ill and it has quickly gone through most of our group. Luckily for us we arrived at work this morning to find out that we had to wait for cement and there was no work for us today. Instead we were in for a real treat.

We went to Yessi´s house to pick up a basketball and a soccer ball and with that we were off to the park. We began to toss the basketball around and soon enough we had a few children circling us to watch. At first they were quite shy but once one little boy got in on the game it seemed like the children kept multiplying in numbers. Until we all had a little group to play with. We spent most of the morning at the park playing games with the kids, taking pictures, and just enjoying one another´s company. We were having so much fun that before we knew it we were due back at the worksite for lunch.

After lunch the women that stay at the house on our worksite asked us to play volleyball with them. Of course we were happy to do so, we didn´t realize what a workout it would be. These two moms were able to play volleyball and watch their kids, and we still tired out before they did. Tonight everyone is taking it easy as no one is feeling a hundred percent. We are hoping that the weekend will do us good and we will be ready for action Monday morning. Unfortunately this flu caught us at a bad time as it is Sarah´s 21st birthday today. We have decided to postpone a night of fun until a later time when we can all enjoy it.

Lauren Hoffman
DWC Student Team Leader
Huancayo, Peru May 2010

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