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These are the experiences of our volunteers in Phillipines.

May 12th:

Posted in Phillipines on May 25, 2010

Today was a really good day for the group to gain a better perspective on the rationale behind the project that we're working on here in Cebu. Instead of heading to the worksite this morning after breakfast, Jenny and Gabe took us to the Cebu dump site, where a community of about 500 families have established their homes.

It was a powerful experience. While we've all been exposed to some level of poverty through travelling and the media, I think this visit really hit home for all of us seeing it first hand.

Although the visit left all of us feeling somber and even a little helpless, it really helped us understand the extent of help that is needed in Cebu. We even saw collections of the recycled sacks that will be used in the livelihood training program that our building will be used for.

On the way to the worksite, we quickly stopped at a daycare run by Rise Above- a super cheerful day home and school for the kids most in need from areas close to the dump-site. Here we had a chance to see a few of the finished bags that women will be taught to make in our livelihood facility.

After a good lunch at the Rise Above complex, we headed back to the worksite to finish the last bit of our last foundation hole, and finally succeeded in pulling out the huge stump in the driveway! We also started (and finished) the connecting trenches between each hole where we will be laying the rebar next week.

After work, the guys and girls split up for dinner and the rest of the evening. A group of Danish volunteers have invited us to their place for dinner tomorrow followed by a night on he town! Since most of us only brought work shirts and flip flops, the girls headed to one of the malls for a a quick dinner and a power shop. Meanwhile, the guys had a super nice dinner at a restaurant we've all been wanting to try, and went out for a few beers afterwards.

Overall, a busy but good day.

Sonia and Devon
DWC Student Team Leaders

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