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May 14th:

Posted in Phillipines on May 25, 2010

We all enjoyed a much needed sleep-in after our night of dancing last night followed by another great breakfast (we've been eating at the hotel everyday and they serve all the breakfast favourites). Then, straight back to Fabio.

It was still a little slow-going today, but we are definitely making huge progress! We also started working on making sure that the edges of the holes were more or less level to prepare for laying rebar and pouring concrete next week.

Back home for a quick shower, and then out to dinner to a terrific local seafood restaurant a couple doors down from our hotel. We all tried 5 or 6 different kinds of fresh fish, and had a lovely soup and some great veggies dishes. It felt like authentic Filipino food!

We came home to finally start our round-robin fooseball tournament that we've been trying to get going for days. So far it looks like Hilda, Chris and Greg are the ones you want on your team!

Off to Bohol tomorrow! It turns out we will be there for two nights instead of one, so we can all celebrate Amanda's birthday on Sunday in our fancy-ish hotel! We plan on taking a van tour of the island on Sunday to see Bohol's famous Chocolate Hills and tiny tiny monkeys! We ferry back on Monday morning so we can head to work in the afternoon.

It should be an amazing weekend with lots of swimming, snorkeling and sun!

We will keep you posted...

Sonia and Devon
DWC Student Team Leaders

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