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These are the experiences of our volunteers in Phillipines.

May 15th: Mini-Holiday in Bohol.

Posted in Phillipines on May 25, 2010

After one more hard workin day yesterday, we were off to the races today on our way to Bohol- an island full of fun tourist attractions and nice resorts! We all took taxis to the port and got there nice and early. As some people caught some zzz's (Jeff, Sonia,...), others watched Slumdog Millionaire in the terminal on a big TV.

The ferry was pretty fun. it was open air for the econo class (thats us students :), and so fast and smooth that no one even got sea sick! The whole trip was about 2 hours, and we got to see lots of exotic little islands on our way !

A shuttle picked us up from the Bohol airport and we finally made it to the resort which is just a quick little taxi ride away. The place has really nice rooms - spacious with balconies overlooking the port and surrounding area. After a lunch in the resort's open air waterfront restaurant, some of us went swimming at the resort pool and then we all went to explore the town and pick up a birthday cake and some other goodies for Amanda"s birthday on Sunday (tomorrow!)

We checked out an old cathedral in the downtown area, did our exploring, then picked up the birthday goods and got ready for dinner. We all took fun little motorbike taxis with large size side cars to a restaurant for the full Phillipino experience. The dinner was great - although it was an American cowboy restaurant complete with a fake horse to ride and stuffed animals on the wall beside old guns and rusty stirrups, we wanted to give it some support because the
restaurant hires deaf people to give them job opportunities when they may have very limited options for employment.

After dinner, we caught the fun motorbike taxis back to the resort and most of us had a couple of fancy cocktails at a restaurant with some live music (the classic covers - I will survive, Hotel California..). The boys finished off the night with a cigar on one of the rooms' porches and everyone hit the sack for the night.

The timing of our mini holiday from our work committment at the site was perfect. We have pretty much finished the holes and connecting trenches of the foundation, and now have to wait for the builders to come in and make sure our digging accuracy was ok. They will be coming tomorrow, and will begin (hopefully) to lay out the re-bar for us to
shape, cut and tie together into the foundation prior to pouring concrete. We will hop back on the bandwagon and get back to work after an early ferry back to Cebu on Monday morning!

Sonia and Devon
DWC Student Team Leaders

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