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May 16th: Happy Birthday, Amanda!

Posted in Phillipines on May 25, 2010

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO AMANDA! The big Two-One (21)!!

We woke up Amanda this morning bright and early (just after 6) with some armfuls of balloons. Everyone was tired this morning, but nine of us (Chris, Greg, Eric, Tasha, Hilda, Jeff, Andrew, Sonia and me) wanted to go for a morning snorkel while Megan, Amanda, Tory, Alex and Angus slept in a little.

The snorkeling was really nice- we went to a beautiful white sand beach and had a refreshing swim, then met up with the sleepy heads back at the resort and we all left for a big day trip in a "seventeen seater" to a number of the must-sees in Bohol.

We started off the day with a river boat cruise in an area called Loboc. After a few of us were almost left behind in the washrooms, the boat came back for us and we cruised down the river while enjoying a very tasty buffet lunch on board. There was a musician with a guitar serenading us while we cruised along (he played Happy Birthday for Amanda and got everyone to join in!) and on the way back up the river, we pulled into a platform where a group of locals from the river community sang for all the passengers and performed a very entertaining traditional dance.

Next stop was a visit to Bohol's famous Tarsier monkeys! Super small (about the size of an adult fist) and so cute and ugly all at the same time (google them, they are quite a site)! We spent quite a bit of time oogling at the tiny monkeys and a few very slow-moving flying lemurs, and then got back into the van to head for the infamous Chocolate Hills. Even after all the hype, they weren't a letdown! We got some great photos from a high viewpoint overlooking over a thousand strange-looking little mountains blobs (again, google them- it's hard to explain!)

We headed back to the hotel to change for dinner, and then all met up for happy hour and some birthday festivities for Amanda while watching a spectacular sunset. Another scrumptious dinner at a restaurant down the road from our hotel, and then back we went for a few more drinks, birthday cake (we each hand-fed Amanda a bite of her birthday cake to continue a tradition started on another DWC trip) and finally, an epic midnight waterfight in the hotel pool! Definitely a festive birthday :)

A few more cigars before bed (Angus just keeps on sharing!) and then off to bed.

Back to work tomorrow! I think we're all looking forward to moving on from the digging stages of our project! Onto rebar and cement tomorrow.

Sonia and Devon
DWC Student Team Leaders

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