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May 18th: The challenges of rebar.

Posted in Phillipines on May 27, 2010

Early to the worksite again this morning to try to get going on the rebar columns. It turned out to be the first day when we weren't all busy doing something - we finished the digging yesterday and the next step requires a bit more skill and professional direction to be productive. With Einar's help, we started working on the first column with only a slight idea of what to do. It ended up being more of an experiment (and therefore slightly frustrating) but by the end of he day, we had some sort of structure that at least resembled a column.

After a few card games, lunch, and a little more experimenting at the site, we headed back to the Mayflower a little earlier than normal for a chilled-out afternoon. Einar promised to have some professional help at the worksite tomorrow so that we can start working on the real rebar columns!

Dinner tonight was a little more exciting than normal, but super fun. Because our trip is a little shorter than the average student trip (generally students work for 4 weeks and do a cultural tour for 1 week- instead, we are working for 3 weeks and doing a 4-day cultural tour) we've been trying to weave in a couple more touristy things during our work week. We enjoyed a very tasty buffet dinner on the 19th floor of the Crown Regency Hotel- one of Cebu's fancier hotels in the heart of the city. Admission to the buffet included a ride on the "Edge-Coaster"- a terrifying roller coaster than circulates around the edge of the 37th floor. Two-by-two, we all hopped into the seats which automatically tilted you 45 degrees over the edge- an incredible view of the while city if you weren't too busy screaming and holding on for dear life! The brave among us chose to make the ride even scarier with the optional further tilt of ten degree controlled from your seat during the ride.

Tasha, Hilda, Tory, and Megan headed home after dinner and the ride to catch-up a little bit on sleep, and the rest of us headed out for drinks with Hector - the gentleman who generously took us out for drinks and then to an incredible viewpoint overlooking the city one of the first evenings we were here. It was nice to see him again and treat him to a drink or two this time!

Home a little later than normal, but straight to bed to get ready for working with the Foreman tomorrow!

Sonia and Devon
DWC Student Team Leaders
Philippines 2010

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