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May 19th: The Foreman’s expertise gets us going!

Posted in Phillipines on May 27, 2010

After a little bit of a sleep-in this morning, we were back on the worksite by 9 where the foreman was waiting for us!

Even though he doesn't really speak English, we had a very productive day- it's amazing what a difference it made to have a professional around! He showed how to properly put together a column (unfortunately our experimental column from yesterday was unsuccessful) and then left us to the rest while he worked on putting up and aligning all the wooden support structures for the rebar.

We got into a rhythm right away with some people working on bending the support rings, others setting up the basic structure of the column and holding it in place, while the rest of us worked on fastening it all together using nails to twist the tie-wire around all the rebar joints. Very efficient- we had 4 of the 8 columns finished by lunchtime!

After lunch, work slowed down a little because we got a bit distracted by all the kids that live in the neighbourhood where we're building. Rise Above cooks meals for about 300 children on a weekly basis in varying neighbourhoods- this week it was our neighbourhood! With this new building project that we've helped get going, Rise Above will likely continue a weekly meal here for those families who will eventually benefit from our building once it is finished.

Some of us helped cook the HUGE pot of rice, meat, and veggies while others started a very big game of Cat and Dog with all the kids who were waiting for dinner- a very fast but fun chasing game that about 60 of us all played together!

We helped serve the meal to everyone, and then a few of the locals offered to take us into the squatter area to learn a little more about the families who will benefit from the livelihood centre.

Back home a little later than normal, and then out to dinner at a BBQ restaurant called Sideline- yummy grilled seafood and meats and fresh salads.

A bit of an earlier night tonight to get ready for another productive workday with Fermin (our foreman)!

Sonia and Devon
DWC Student Team Leaders
Philippines 2010

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