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May 20th: Finished the rebar!

Posted in Phillipines on May 27, 2010

Up early and back to work with the Fermin the Forman! We got straight back to putting together the rebar pillars (bending squares, "arts and crafts" -our name for the job of tying rebar together with metal twist ties a joints between bars- and mounting them in the holes). We finished them all by lunchtime- so efficient!

Meanwhile, Sonia and Amanda had an adventure to get Amanda's cut on her ankle checked out. She was cut by a broken glass last week at karaoke night and it wasn't healing fast enough for our liking. After a little bit of searching around, we found a lovely old (and deaf) Chinese doctor who cleaned it very thoroughly and prescribed her some antibiotics.

When Sonia and Amanda got back to the worksite where the rest of hr group had been very busy - all the rebar work was complete, and the group was starting on cement mixing and pouring into the foundation holes.

All the girls left the work site a little early to go back to the Mayflower for a little waxing party with Aida, a woman working with Rise Above but also trained as a beautician. All the boys stayed at the worksite a little longer and finished mixing cement and pouring another foundation hole, then came back home.

Once the ladies finished with their waxing, we all made a card and bought flowers for Elisabet- the brains behind Rise Above- who was turning 52.

We all went to Rise Above for Elisabet's birthday dinner- a traditional Philippino chicken, rice and banana heart meal- and we were all surprised to find that Rise Above presented us with some great certificates of thanks for our work here in Cebu as well as our own Rise Above T-Shirts!

After a couple games of pool, we headed home and went straight to bed after a vote on our last night in Cebu and where people were interested in staying.

Sonia and Devon
DWC Student Team Leaders
Philippines 2010

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