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May 21st: Last Day in Cebu

Posted in Phillipines on May 27, 2010

Our last full day in Cebu! We got up a little later than normal just to catch up on some sleep, ate breakfast, and headed out to the worksite around 7:30 am. When we got to the worksite, we found that the builder needed us to widen a couple of the holes that we had dug before we could continue to pour concrete. So, a number of us got busy doing that, and others played some games with the kids in the surrounding village until lunch.

It turned out that apart from widening the foundation holes, we couldn't do any other work today because an engineer had to come to give the go ahead past the first two holes we had completed with concrete filling.

So, we took some group photos with the builders and Rise Above staff, then left the work site one last time and returned to the Mayflower to clean up. In the afternoon and early evening, we all went to S.M.- the biggest shopping centre in Cebu- to pick up some last minute souvenirs, a gift for the Mayflower staff (a Canadian polo shirt without flag on it to hang on the wall!) as well as a ton of snacks for our upcoming boat trip (dried mango by the armful to keep away the scurvy, squid flakes, shrimp chips and corn nuts!)

We had dinner at Kura Thai- a nice little Thai restaurant within the shopping centre- and then all retired for the evening to pack and play some final card games with Chris, who unfortunately has to leave tomorrow to get back to work!

Sonia and Devon
DWC Student Team Leaders
Philippines 2010

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