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These are the experiences of our volunteers in Phillipines.

May 25th: Nearing the end of the DWC Experience.

Posted in Phillipines on May 27, 2010

Ah we are nearing the end of the trip :(

We have had such an amazing time on the boat with Eric (from Let's Share) and his crew, and everyone would like to just keep on going!

After a quick breakfast in the morning at the resort where our group was staying (a taxi away from the sandy beach, with a great cliff view out over the sea and sun), we headed straight back to the boat.

A few of us (Gabe- someone from Rise Above- and Megan and I) went out for a little scuba diving trial with Eric and just loved it. After that, the crew set the Bering to home (a port in Cebu), and we just hung out on the boat for about five hours.

When we got back to Cebu, we gave Eric and his crew a card and our thanks and traveled back to the city in a couple of vans from Rise Above. After a little "musical vans", we all managed to get Jeff to a doctor to look into his ear infection, pick up the bags we had stored at Rise Above during the boat tour, and check into the Waterfront hotel for our last night all together before Greg, Angus, Andrew and Devon head back tomorrow to Canada and the rest of the group travels to Negros to begin their little extra trip together to some of the islands to the west and north of Cebu.

We had a great night together- we got a really nice room to share for the evening and had a bit of a birthday party for Tory and an early one for Greg. After birthday cake, cards and some drinks, The group of nine caught taxis to the port at about 4:00 am to go to Negros, and Greg, Andrew, Angus and Devon caught a few minutes of rest and cleaned up before heading out to Canada the next day at noon!

What a fantastic experience! Thanks to everyone for making this possible.

Sonia and Devon
DWC Student Team Leaders
Philippines 2010

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