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Huancayo, Peru: August 2010 – Antojitos

Posted in Peru on August 23, 2010

After work we relaxed at the hotel and then met the group in the lobby to go for supper. We were going to go out to a pizzaria with live music. On our way there we stopped on front of the church in Costitution park where we heard loud music and a saw a crowd of people. We wondered over and there dancing in the street lights was Micheal Jackson!! Well, a Peruvian version anyways. He was the most fantastic impersonator anyone had seen. A fabulous dancer, just as good as MJ was himself. He had the outfit and even the facial expressions he had down. We stopped and watched for a bit and took a video, so when I get my hands on it, you all will get a chance to see it.

We walked three blocks to Antojitos and finally and 8 o'clock we managed to sit down for dinner. Inside this place was a really nice atmosphere, pub like with wood floors and beams. Decorated with antiques such as lanterns and pots etc. We ordered a couple pizzas and soon after the band started. Most of the group got Pisco sours, I however am still ify on the raw egg part of it... although it is delicious I think i will hold off for a while... the pizza was some of the best pizza I had ever tasted, others thought so too. Cristian came to meet us a while later (have I mentioned Cristian yet? Cute guy works for
Arguedianos as accountant and as our translator/chaperone) as well as Jessie (Yessie) and her sister ?Lizbeth? (I think its actually Elizabeth but is pronounced different in Spanish) Jessie is our real translator, Cristian was our substitute). we all ate pizza and listened to music. after a while the place started to fill up and there was lots of dancing going on. We got up to danced and tried to salsa, lol and had a ton of fun. Two Peruvian men in suits smoking cigarettes asked to dance with Lizbeth and I and I got smoke in face for the longest song ever.... :( Yes, they still smoke in the bars down here. I was tired so I went back to the hotel when we left. The others went to another bar with a group of people we met at Antojitos. Saturday night, there will be more dancing and pisco sours to come...

Amber Lee
DWC Participant

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