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Huancayo, Peru: August 2010 – Hugo and the Pisco sours

Posted in Peru on August 23, 2010

The next day we went back to the work site and finished laying stones. It was pretty much the same day as the last. Afterwards again, we cleaned up, relaxed, and met up for dinner. this one was especially special :) A few days ago we met a man in the lobby named Hugo. He started chatting with Nicole and we found that he was fluent in English, and from a nearby village but was staying in Huancayo for a few days. Hugo is about 70 years old, well traveled, well educated, and about the friendliest person you'll ever meet. So we invited him for dinner with us to La Lenas. During dinner he bought us a round of Pisco sours. Pisco sour is a famous Peruvian drink. And a must have when visiting Peru. The drink is made using 3 ounce of pisco, which is a white brandy, lime juice, egg whites and bitters (whatever that is) and blended until frothy. Its really delicious and I intend on bringing home some pisco and learning how to make them. P.S. Pisco sour makes you really silly really fast :) We learned a lot about Hugo. He worked as an engineer but is now retired. The village where he lives are full of very intellectual people and half the town has been abandoned because when people finish school they travel and often don't come back. I guess that is what happens when the majority of the people are intellectuals and not many are working class. Hugo was never married, the woman he going to marry was killed in an accident when he was about 25. He claims he was never married because he had no time for marriage, but I think its because he was heartbroken. He has three sisters who lives in Lima. He said the one sister is crazy and he really admires her husband because he puts up with her. She showers many times a day and changes her clothes many times a day too. But apparently is borderline genius. The other sister has a really controlling husband, and the other is boring, she doesn't ever want to leave the house. After dinner we had so much energy from Pisco sours that we decided to roam around and see the city and the markets at night. Hugo came with us to show us where to buy cheap phonecards because on the street sometimes they sell phoney ones. He also showed me where to buy postcards at the post office. And then we checked out a couple stores. He said young people give him so much energy and he felt so good hanging out with us. And that we had good vibes, he said. lol. He was also a big fan of the Beatles in his day :) I like that tidbit.

The next day while standing on the corner of the market with Jeff, Nicole, and Jamie, we ran into Hugo. He was going to get a phone card. So we all walked together. Its so nice to have a friend here and someone you can trust. He is wonderful to take shopping because he knows what is a good price to pay and can translate so well. And he is coming dancing with us Saturday night! Hugo really reminds me of my grampa, he looks like him when he smiles. He leaves for Lima on monday.. we will miss him he goes...

Amber Lee
DWC Participant

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