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Huancayo, Peru: August 2010 – When in Rome

Posted in Peru on August 23, 2010

Today is our second last day of working on the school. We finished the walkway we started last week and feels great to be done. A few of us went to help Maestro Augusto lay bricks on the second floor of the admin building, as well as finish off the roof. Laying bricks is kinda fun, we wet the bricks really good, mix up some cement and dirt and water, slop it on ans lay the bricks. After the walls are done they get covered in a layer of cement for a smooth finish which can be painted later. this is a very common way to build here. Haven't seen any 2x4's and drywall yet. Before the walls can get covered, the bricks must be soaked in water. So I had the lovely job of hosing down the walls of the bathroom upstairs. After a bit, Augusto was ready to start wiring. So he tosses up an extension cord and brings up a little circular saw. He motions to Jeff to dry his hands so he can hold the plug in the socket so it wouldn't fall out. It properly fit and had to be held in place in order for it to work. I told him my hands are already dry so I would hold it for him. Augusto grabbed a bucket, turns it over next to the wall and stands on it. I follow him over to the wall with the plug and extension cord in hand right into the massive puddle of water on the floor from wetting the bricks earlier. (but its a good thing my hands weren't wet) I held the plug in place while he dug out a place in the bricks to put the wires for the light, hoping he didn't fall of the tippy bucket. I'm pretty sure they teach you in elementary not to do this kind of thing. Ha ha.. when in Rome...

After work today we were going to a restaurant to eat and learn how to salsa! Yessie brought a friend of hers who knows how to dance really good to teach us how to salsa and merengue. we had the whole upper floor of the restaurant. It was so much fun! we invited everyone from the office and they brought along some friends with them too. Just a we bit into the dance lesson Nancy's husband and little girl came. We see this sweet little girl about 7 or 8 run up the stairs and right to her mothers side and announce, "HELLO MY FRIENDS!" in her best-est English ever! She had so much fun dancing with us. as did everyone! Cristian came, Augusto came all dressed to the nines, and few other friends from the office also showed up. It was really great time with everybody and I have lots of pictures to remember it. Tomorrow will be our last day working at the school. I am really sad to not be returning Monday and also a little sad not knowing when it will be ready for the kids to start attending. But I'm happy knowing we helped to get it closer to that point.

Amber Lee
DWC Participant

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