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These are the experiences of our volunteers in Peru.

Huancayo, Peru: August 2010

Posted in Peru on August 23, 2010

I have arrived in Peru now, and am happy to be settling in Huancayo. The trip was good, we met up with three others from our group in Vancouver. Stayed the night at a hotel in Lima, then took a bus from there to here. The bus ride was 7 hours and was up, up, and up the whole way. We are now higher than the peak of Whistler, I have definitely never been this high up. It is hard to get used to the altitude, very tired and short of breath but the coca tea helps a lot. The rest of our group has been here for a week so they gave up all the tips and heads up on how we would feel.

There are pretty much no other tourists here so we definitely stand out. The host company we are working with toured us around today and took us to the work site. It's a cool project for sure, the first school of its kind being built here. More to come!

Jessica Saavedra
DWC Participant

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