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Matipwilli, Tanzania: First day of construction.

Posted in Tanzania on October 18, 2010

Despite the 40 degrees weather with the humidity, we got a tremendous amount of work completed.

Our Team is beginning the first steps to construct a home for a medical officer near the village of Matipwilli. Our Team is staying at Kisampa but travels each day to the village. The village is equipped with a medical dispensary but it is difficult for it to remain open because of the lack of staff. The only other access to medical care is 15 km away and there is little if any transportation to the next village. By constructing a home near the dispensary this will encourage a qualified medical officer to move into the area thus allowing the villagers to have consistent access to medical assistance.

Interior walls in the front portion completed, over 200 cement blocks (solid concrete block..they were about 75lbs each) move on to the job site via congo line, base for outhouse 12 feet below grade completed with 3 rows of block set.

We build with the local tools an equipment available. Therefore all of the cement and mortar was carried by pail and mixed together on the ground by shovels.

The floor in back portion of the home had to level so concrete can be poured. Leveling consisted of using a concrete leveling weighted square by hand. Too many of us a few hours to complete.

The village children we excited to see us this morning when we arrived. Our new little friends came running to hold our hands as we walked to the job site. They we our supervisor's the entire day. Well almost the entire day as the heat exhausted us and we called it a day at 2:30pm.

As the older children in the village finished school, they can by curiously to see our progress and it wasn't long before some were helping out. No language barrier concern. They understood what the job was at hand by watching.

Below are photo's of our day 1 progress.

We are all looking forward to an ice cold beer, good dinner and a great sleep. We should have no trouble sleeping tonight!

Update you on Day 2 tomorrow...

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Tanzania 2010

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