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Matipwilli, Tanzania: Departure Day

Posted in Tanzania on November 1, 2010

We woke to say good bye to this amazing sanctuary where we stayed and to our wonderful hosts.

Our departure from Kisampa was a different experience than the 5 hour trek in by road. We are flying out on a charter plane back to Dar Se Saleem.

Kisampa's dirt road runway was built by hand. As we gained speed down the runway, some baboons crossed in front of us. A sight not seen by many.

The view was beautiful. We could see the Indian ocean out the left side of the plane. What surprised us was how many remote houses there were and not in close proximity to water. We also saw so many foundations built but not completed as we got closer to Dar.

From wheels up to wheels down our flight time was 25 minutes.

It was here where I said good bye to the rest of the team. They headed on a 5 day excursion to the Serengetti and the Crater and I was embarking on my 40+ hour trek home.

Until we meet travels my friends!

DWC Participant
Tanzania 2010

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