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Matipwilli, Tanzania: Our last night…

Posted in Tanzania on November 1, 2010

Our night began with a traditional celebratory dinner which is eaten by hand sitting on the floor. After dinner we gathered around the fire and brought out the talking stick like we did most night to share experiences from our day. This night though was more about sharing the entire experience.

Many of us shared the stories of the little one's that captured our hearts. Bill (from Kingston, Ont.) talked about a special little girl named Shan and the opportunity to meet her father. Before we left the village Bill ordered the local seamstress make two dresses for her.

We came from different parts of Canada barely knowing each other to come together, unite and help to build a sustainable future in the village of Matipwilli, Tanzania, Africa with the goal of only leaving a small foot print. We have enabled the village with the foundation of a brighter medical future. Not only did we physically build a house but we built friendships with the community and amongst ourselves. These relationships have just begun and won't end as we depart...

DWC Participant
Tanzania 2010

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