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Lahachowk, Nepal: First couple of days

Posted in Nepal on November 15, 2010

We arrived in Lahachowk on Tuesday morning around 10 to be welcomed with an expected welcome ceremony, much shorter this time because the rice harvesting is at its peak right now. Everyone in the village is very busy on the fields, which is also the reason why we will be working mostly on our own (unlike last time) because it will be hard to hire local laborers to help us.
In the afternoon we insisted that the local development committee shows us the working plans so that we get an informed understanding of what the big picture is and what our short-term objectives are for the next couple of weeks. After our first day working I came to the conclusion that it’s a better idea to focus on a little projects at a time as opposed to trying to come up with a long-term plan because it will be virtually impossible right now. Following Navin’s knowledge of the local irrigation system, the plan we came up with was to work on a deteriorated section of the canal, about 150 meters in length, in the upper level of the village, where the poor condition of the canal has been causing a lot of water loss.

Lucy Rodina
DWC Participant
Nepal 2010

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