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Lahachowk, Nepal: Our arrival

Posted in Nepal on November 15, 2010

Off to Lahachowk! We loaded up the Land Rover taxi with all our many bits of baggage and left Pokhara shortly after breakfast. After a brief stop for water at the Penguin bottling works we continued on our way towards Pokhara. We left pavement at Buger and proceeded along a very rough road that wound and twisted along the valley side as it made its way slowly up the mountains. Below us was the River and we could see the huge pipe that carries the water supply for the city of Pokhara.
After about an hour and half, we arrived in the village of Lahachowk. Nothing could have prepared us for the welcome waiting for us there. In an open field were collected about 50 or so of the villagers, complete with a band and garlands of marigolds. We were all adorned with a tikka and a garland and were invited to take a seat on the waiting chairs. Several village officials gave welcoming addresses then we were treated to a number of dances performed by individual villagers. Of course, we were all eventually invited to participate, which we did. It was all great fun and, I’m sure, left an indelible impression on all our memories.
After a delicious lunch, prepared by Navin’s brother, Purcas, we took a tour of the village and the surrounding fields and rice paddies. Navin took us up to the work site on the hill side where the students did their work during the initial Nepal trip this May. The extent of the repairs and difficult location were both impressive. We’re finding it very helpful for one of the students who was here in May, Lucy Rodina, to be with us on this trip also. Her perspective and advice are appreciated. We also had with us for the afternoon the district engineer, Deependra, and he went over with us the location and extent of the remediation work that we expect to complete during our stay. We will be widening a 125 metre stretch of irrigation canal and building retaining walls for that section in addition to cleaning out about 50 metres of old canal. All work will be by means of pick and shovel, so we will be getting a work-out!

Ralph Bullis
DWC Team Leader
Nepal 2010

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