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Lahachowk, Nepal: Dropping off our donated items

Posted in Nepal on November 29, 2010

Today was a multi-tasking kind of day. This morning, Karen, Betty and Bruce all went to visit the schools to drop off the items many of the volunteers had carried to Nepal for the students – pens, pencils, scribblers, erasers, etc. The gifts were gratefully received and the volunteers had a chance to see first-hand just how impoverished the schools are for teaching materials. It must be very discouraging for both teachers and students alike to struggle with lack of supplies we take for granted in Canada.
This afternoon Karen, Lyle and Lucy all took their leave of the village, with some sadness. It hardly seems possible that two weeks have passed so quickly. And tomorrow, the rest of us will be gone as well.

Ralph Bullis
DWC Team Leader
Nepal 2010

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