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These are the experiences of our volunteers in Peru.

Huancayo, Peru: Monday of Holy Week.

Posted in Peru on April 21, 2011

The week started off in a good and productive manner. We arrived at the work site well rested from the weekend and ready to paint. It wasn’t long before Jorge (the painting maestro) had the spatula’s out, and pointing “Aqui, Aqui” It is so hard to believe that we missed so many spots. This is going to be the best finished ceiling in Huancayo. It is amazing to see the workmanship that is possible with limited resources and tools.

It is really cool to see all the pomp and ceremony of Holy Week . Each evening the Church square comes alive with elaborate processions around the square each celebrating a significant event in Christs’ life leading up to Easter Sunday. The streets are lined with families creating and selling elaborate woven palm leaves, sheath’s of wheat and breads to sell to the faithful. It has become a nightly ritual for us to watch the festivities as they occur.

Funny after seven days in Huancayo, we noticed that there are no franchise fast food restaurants in town, or at least none that we have seen. The streets are crowded with vendors selling incredibly smelling treats and tasty food, and little independent restaurants in every nook and cranny but no Americanized “McDonalds”. It seems like a little pocket that North America has not really found yet.

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