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These are the experiences of our volunteers in Peru.

Huancayo, Peru: Tuesday’s activities.

Posted in Peru on April 21, 2011

After days of scraping concrete, filling holes and cracks, base coats again and again, Maestro Jorge worked his baton and had the team working to finish the project with the final coats of color. Dan was up to his elbows in paint, literally mixing the paint with his hands so that the crew could once again put another coat of paint on the ceiling. It is absolutely amazing how great the final product looks and will brighten up the school and the neighborhood.

Once back at the hotel ,cleaned and refreshed, the team split into two groups one to go shopping for Alpaca blankets and the other to work on their natural beauty (manicures, pedicures and even one hair cut). We will let you guess who was on each team.

Charlotte the Tortuga is always on our minds. Throughout the trip little turtles have been appearing in the weirdest and oddest places. We think it is Charlotte’s spirit reminding us to work hard, have fun and that slow and steady wins the day.

Even though we had worked hard during the day, we were up to learning more Peruvian culture hosted by Jesse and the office staff. Callientitos, Pisco Sours, and new dance moves at a local establishment made for a very fun evening. Connie and Judy were especially good students, quickly picking up the groove.

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