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These are the experiences of our volunteers in Peru.

Student Team in Lima for 4 weeks working with IFEJANT

Posted in Peru on May 17, 2011

In a blur of the first few exciting and positively challenging days in Peru, many things stand out to me personally. I have adjusted to life here at Hostel Casa Rodas with my new small family, enjoying playing cards, making meals, swapping stories, sharing laughs, trying new foods and fruits, as well as getting some dirt under my fingernails at the school. At times, the nine of us seem to have become as close as the Peruvian cars.

Our work at the school in Villa Maria is extremely eye opening, especially for those of us who have never witnessed this type of poverty. The most interesting part of my experience thus far has been interacting with the children who are so happy with the smallest of pleasures, even stacking bottle caps together to create a pyramid structure can bring such joy. I am constantly learning new things about myself and about the world around me.

The language barrier between our group and the locals has been challenging, but at the same time it pushes us to learn and expand our vocabulary. So far this has been an incredible and enjoyable experience, I look forward to working at the school, playing with the kids, learning a new language, growing closer to my teammates, and to teaching them all euchre! I send my love to family and friends Canada!

Carley Hoja

DWC Participant

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