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Lima, Peru: May 2011 Student Team

Posted in Peru on May 31, 2011

Lima, Peru: May 2011 Student Team

Wow, only one week left of our four week adventure here in Lima, Peru. On May 26th we were picked up in the morning and taken to a working school for children and adolescents called MANTOC. Children take part in all areas of this school, they have a kitchen in which the children learn how to bake in a safe and sanitary way, and they can also learn the essentials of math when pricing these goods for sale. Its a very different perspective to comprehend, but it allows children who would normally not be able to afford public or private school, to still get an education.

At work we are busier than ever!! The experience and awareness that we have gained from working over the last 3 weeks will be beneficial for the rest of our lives. With only one week left the last final push has come to try and get everything done. The roof is finally finished, also interior and exterior painting is coming along nicely. Its a gratifying feeling to know that when we are gone, there will be three new usable rooms that were not there when we got here. This will allow the mothers to have a clean and safe working environment when preparing the meals for the kids. Everyone's Spanish is improving immensely, except they definitely seem to understand mine better when I make bold hand gestures, sometimes I wonder if it just sounds like Spanish in my mind. No that can't be it. But seriously we are all able to communicate fairly effectively with the children and parents at the school.

This has been an amazing experience, I was somewhat anxious when starting out because I had never personally met any of the other participants who are on this trip. But when working and living together the bonds that have been established, if even for a short period of time, will be an everlasting memory. I believe that when we finish off this week and take a step back to see what we have all accomplished together as a team, we will have our heads held high, but firmly planted in reality.

Rory Callaghan
DWC Student Volunteer

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