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These are the experiences of our volunteers in Peru.

Lima, Peru: Amazing first day!

Posted in Peru on October 6, 2011


Our first day was amazing. We all agreed to
individually pay extra for a Spanish lesson and tour. They taught us all morning then took us to exchange our money in soles, then to the market, and off to a tour of town. It is highly recommend as it was very helpful for around town and also at the work site the next day.

The weather is fairly cold at night, and where the hostel is located I would recommend pants and socks/shoes. Perhaps even a jacket.

Our second day was our first day at the job site! What an amazing experience. We were able to meet all the kids, they had songs prepared and were excited to meet us. That is where the Spanish lesson comes in handy, its warming to be able to interact with words. The work site is a lot warmer of a climate, I would recommend, hats, work gloves, proper shoes, and some long shorts and t-shirts.

If you are going to bring donations I would recommend some picture books of animals, the kids were very curious about what Canada looks like. Extra recommendation, bring toilet paper (!papel higenico¡)

Natalie Sweryda
DWC Participant
Lima, Peru October 2011

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