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Lima, Peru: Incredible experience

Posted in Peru on October 11, 2011

Our one week of volunteering has completed, funny how a week can go by so quickly! This experience has been incredible, what has moved me the most is how what I had considered to be a "vacation" has really been so much more than that. The first day we arrived I was overwhelmed with how excited the kids were, they had practiced songs for us, bombarded us with questions and were eager to learn and say all our names. The principal, Mr. Edwin, was in a suit, which later in the week I saw him dressed in regular jeans and a sweatshirt, that first day, I didn´t realize it, but we were kind of a big deal!

On our last day on site we had a sports day with the kids and after it was all said and done, because three of us were traveling to Cusco this week, we were given quite a send off. All the kids said "Muchos Gracias" for our all our help in unison and much more (I wish I could understand!). They also presented us with gifts, beautiful Peruvian blankets, I was so touched. I hope the school knows that even though they were so grateful of our help in just a short week, I am even more grateful of how accepting and welcoming they were to me in this short time. Everyone I have met in Lima has gone above and beyond to make our stay not only a chance to immerse ourselves in their culture, but they have really opened their arms and made us feel welcome. Thank you DWC, Jen Baillie and the rest of the team, for this once in a lifetime opportunity. It has really shown me that no matter when and where in the world, any place can feel like home.

Jennifer Ng
DWC Participant
Lima, Peru October 2011

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