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Lima, Peru: Work hard, play hard!

Posted in Peru on October 11, 2011


Today was action packed day at the school, building and playing with the children. We started to make the walls for the two new classrooms with bricks and cement, its definitely going to be a long process but we will get it done. The children got to help out by bringing us water when we needed it, to add to our mixture of dry sand and cement. I would suggest wearing sun screen and drink lots of water while working, even though it is overcast you will still get burnt.

After lunch we got to hang out with the children, they love playing soccer with everyone and playing Stella Stella which I taught them. When all the kids came up to the playing court we had some organized competition with the children: potato sack races, 3 legged races, spoon races pop the balloon, wheelbarrow races. Once we finished the the games we brought out the juice and cookies we brought to share with the kids, they were super excited. We handed out prizes to all the children (stickers, Canada pins, tennis balls, pencils, soccer balls, gloves, t-shirts and hats), the kids loved them and tried to trick us by saying that they didn't get a prize.

Over all it was a fantastic day!!!

Jessica Darville
DWC Participant
Lima, Peru October 2011

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