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These are the experiences of our volunteers in Peru.

Lima, Peru: 2nd October DWC Team Arrives

Posted in Peru on October 28, 2011

The team departed Kamloops on Friday night, Oct 15th and arrived in Calgary to join up with the 3 team members from there. We were hosted by team member Sara for a little farewell party in her home. We flew Calgary-Houston-Lima and arrived at 11:30pm, after sitting on the tarmac for an hour; free drinks from United Airlines. We checked into the pleasant Bayview Hotel after a very long travel day. The resident turtles were there to greet us in the charming inner courtyard.

Sunday would be our only free day so we set out to see a bit of Lima. Our hotel is next to the Marriott in the ocean side Miraflores district. It just happened that Justin Bieber was arriving at the Marriott that day so mobs of teen girls were gathered outside singing his songs and screaming for him ALL day and night. When the girls knew that we were from Canada they would ask if we knew him! We walked up one of the main avenues and experienced many sites including Lima's Run for the Cure, one of the many cathedrals, 1700 year old Lima peoples ruins and a local craft market. On the way, walking through a park, all of us were randomly hugged (abrazo) and danced with a big group of locals; a great sign of the fun to come! Our Team Leader, Tony, took us to lunch at a fun outdoor restaurant on the square where we were served our first pisco sours, some tried cuy (guinea pig) and alpaca. Rob had his second encounter with a surprising foot fetish friend!

The rest of the day was spent doing whatever we were interested in (nap). We walked up the street for a nice dinner at what has now become very comfortable..."Tablo for 11, por favor". A night is not complete with out 'a stop off ' at the neighboring sports bar. The same 2 corner tables seem to be waiting for us each night and Vic.

Tony, Mike, Graham, Kathleen, Rob, Sara, Anita, Phil, Dana, Doug and Vic
DWC Team Leader and Participants
Lima, Peru October 2011

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