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Lima, Peru: An eye-opening experience

Posted in Peru on October 28, 2011

Hola Amigos!

Day 4 of our volunteer experience was much less physically demanding and very enjoyable - but productive in a different way than previous days. While Tony stayed at the school work site fixing up the fine details on the stairs to the second floor, the rest of us on invitation visited some homes of the families whose children attend the school. Bringing flowers to accept the families' hospitality, we soon realized we had underestimated what we would see. To summarize the experience, it was nothing short of eye-opening. The level of poverty present in their community made us all reflect on and appreciate the day to day luxuries we often take for granted. However the children are always smiling and happy both at school and at home, and were proud of their homes, trying to drag us to visit their families too. It was a humbling experience, and the gratitude expressed to us from the mothers and fathers was a blessing, affirmation that assisting in building this school is truly worth all the work we have done.

After we returned and ate some lunch, we continued to add to the brick walls we have been working on all week. We are becoming very skilled and efficient brick-layers! Next on our schedule was play time, where we played assorted relay games and (of course) soccer on teams with the children. They are fantastic 'football' players, and have so much energy! Candy and pencils were handed out at the end, and exhausted we headed to the hotel once again.

As we look toward our last day with bittersweet feelings I will say ciao for now.

Dana Schreiner
DWC Participant
Lima, Peru October 2011

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