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Lima, Peru: And end to a fantastic experience

Posted in Peru on October 28, 2011

Day 5 was partly spent assisting in the production of concrete and cleaning up the site in Nuevo Esperanza where we have spent the majority of our time during the week in Lima (a close second is spent sitting in traffic). The other part of Friday was spent with children; giving out presents and our clothes that had been washed by local mothers.

The children were very appreciative of the work done on their elementary school, and many hugs an 'muchas gracias' were given to their new Canadian friends. Near the end of the day we sat down for a meeting with the principal of the school and the leader of IFEJANT, dwc's host partner organization in Lima, Peru. We gained some additional understanding of the lives of the children after hearing of the work and learn program at the school that teaches the working children work skills as well.

After our meeting we were invited to a classroom where we received key chains made by the children and traditional Peruvian blankets. Then we were entertained by a children's dance and an entertaining performance by Michael and an older local woman, followed by a group dance party. It was wonderful to hear the children express their gratitude towards our help and we left feeling very appreciated.

Overall our time in Lima was fantastic. It was not a holiday, but an eye opening experience to be immersed daily into the culture and lives of true Peruvians. We worked hard but it was worth every bucket of concrete, shovel of dirt, and row of bricks to be able to gain insight into the impoverished areas very few westerners ever see. The children are unbelievably talented and beautiful, and only further enhanced our time in Lima. From what we have seen of this diverse and colorful city, it has certainly enticed us all to go further into exploring Peru and consider participating in future DWC volunteer experiences.

Tony, Mike, Graham, Kathleen, Rob, Sara, Anita, Phil, Dana, Doug and Vic
DWC Team
Lima, Peru October 2011

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