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Lima, Peru: Hard work and good company

Posted in Peru on October 28, 2011

Our second and third day was a little demanding but this group, it seems, would not have it any other way. The skills that were displayed were amazing. Abdios, the site foreman, begins the day by explaining what has to be done (all in Spanish) and then we turn to Doug for the real directions. Doug and Sara make up the 'A' for laying bricks, Anita and her mate Pedro make up another team while Sara, Kathleen and the rest of the 'Boys' spend most of the time giving each orders about how things should really go!!
While we work the kids from the school, like kids everywhere, want to hang around and watch skilled craftsmen and women work. These kids who make up some of the 250 pupils at the school have the largest brown eyes and eye lashes my wife would die for. They are keen to know our names and always seem to be laughing. Kathleen is determined to have them clean up around the school and even bribes them with candies when they fill their respective bags. Of course some of the kids have figured it out that if they get garbage from the already filled bags (it's kind of a Peruvian recycling plan) they still get a candy.

Tony Dufficy
DWC Team Leader
Lima, Peru October 2011

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